Update letter, Dec. 2010

“That’s why I don’t hang around with Gringos, those Gringos are all crazy.”
So said a man in Jarabacoa as we drove past him in my little truck, with a bunch of 9th graders packed inside like circus clowns, and with a home-made windmill mounted on a makeshift pole in the back, spinning like crazy, teaching my students about alternative energy, electricity, innovation, discovery – and that it is good to be just a little bit crazy.
As the first semester of my experience as a teacher was winding to a close, I (Harley)
began to see how God was using this experience to teach me more about Him. I’ve learned that teaching is not easy, and that moving your family to a third world country is quite hard. But probably not so hard as giving up your divinity and humbly becoming a human being. And one of the hardest things about teaching is that all the work, all the sacrifice, and all the effort you put in for your students goes largely unappreciated by most of them. And I’m reminded that all that Jesus has done for us goes largely unappreciated by mankind, including those of us who claim to be His followers. And one of the hardest things of ministry is that your fellow co-workers are still human beings, still imperfect, and prone to disappointing you and letting you down. But then I think of how many times in Jesus’ own ministry His disciples let Him down, of how many times they failed the Lord. And so I take heart in the fact that He never asks us to do anything, to endure anything, to sacrifice anything, that He hasn’t already done Himself. And best of all, amidst all of the mess, God can still use even the least of us to achieve His greater purposes for His glory. And so we humbly thank Him for letting us, and all of you, be a part of that.
We pray that this season finds you well, finds you with your loved ones, and finds you with a sense of joy, and peace, and gratitude for the great gift of that original Christmas morn.
The McAllisters


About harleymc31

My wife Abby and I are missionaries in the Dominican Republic, working as a High School Math and Science teachers at Doulos Discovery School. We are joined by our three boys, aged 9, 7, and 5 who attend the same school and bring us untold joy every day.
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