Ok, first, here’s the background you need to know to make this story of mayhem make sense. 

1.  My husband left me for 10 days and took my oldest slave son with him. 

2.  We are dog sitting 2 large German Shepherds for our church since we lost our meeting location and haven’t found a new one. 


3.  We have two wild mustangs (one much less “wild” than the other) that are mostly kept for grass mowing, not for riding. 


4.  Our landlord wants to pay guys to come cut the grass and wants us to get rid of the horses.  Fine. 

5.  Two guys said they were coming on Wed. to look at the horses and could I please have them caught and ready to ride? (I guess they didn’t fancy spending another afternoon like we did on Monday chasing the horses around the property for hours.  Go figure).  Here we go…

So, I’m supposed to meet the horse guys at our house sometime after 1:30.  I forgot I had to tutor a student until 3 so we got home at like 3:30.  Oh well.  The guys weren’t here yet so I ran in and changed to horse wrangling attire. 

I go get Chester (our stallion who is easier to catch but much scarier to ride) and take him to the back yard. 


Buckeye (the other horse who worships Chester and will follow him anywhere, hates to be caught but is pretty good to ride) follows into the yard.  I am in the process of deciding whether or not to “round-pen” Buckeye ( since I still can’t catch him) to get him to chill out when the guys show up.  They help me get Buckeye but then Dakota (our Rottweiler) gets out of the house (thanks kids) and the guys let go of the horses and go running ’cause they’re scared of him.  They are headed to the nearest tree when I get Dakota back in the house and Preciosa (the female German shepherd we are dog sitting) tied up.  We re-catch the horses and take them out of the yard area to ride. 

All is going fine with Buckeye.  Our neighbor kid is up and riding and I’m thinking I might just sell this horse.  Unfortunately Ringo (the big beast of a German shepherd) is going absolutely ape-shit on his cable and chain. 



I go over and stand with him and try to calm him but the moment I leave he busts his chain.  Yup, just rips the brand new chain apart.  Well, all the grown men (and neighbor boys) start screaming like girls and are climbing all over the cars trying to get out of Ringo’s reach. Fortunately or unfortunately, he is more interested in chasing Buckeye and the neighbor kid who was riding.  I finally catch Ringo and we drag each other to the garage under the house.   I trick him into going in and “whamo,” slam the door.


Just when I’m catching my breath, the guys want me to ride Chester-no one else will. I decide to go for it and I get on ok but then the rodeo starts.  As Chester is bucking and the guys are screaming something at me in Spanish, my life is flashing before my eyes and I am sure I will be bucked off onto the truck hood and break my spine.  I finally get him moving forward and not bucking and then, as soon as possible, stop him and get off.  I told them I was done with that business and they could ride him themselves if they wanted him ridden (ok, I didn’t say all that exactly.  I think I was shaking too hard to get even the most basic Spanish out).  The last thing I need to do is get busted up and in the hospital here, and all just to sell a horse for much less than it’s worth.  The guys say they are interested in Buckeye and to call if I’ll go down on the price.  Oh, and they’ll buy my truck if I’m selling that too.  Sorry, the truck’s not for sale.  yet.  Thanks anyway.

Some days it feels kind of like a three-ringed circus around here.


About harleymc31

My wife Abby and I are missionaries in the Dominican Republic, working as a High School Math and Science teachers at Doulos Discovery School. We are joined by our three boys, aged 9, 7, and 5 who attend the same school and bring us untold joy every day.
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2 Responses to McCircus

  1. Caroline says:

    If we saw this in a movie, we would all have tears running down our cheeks. And yes, it is a circus with you in the center ring. You sure look cute, the dog is beautiful and the horses looks so pastoral in the picture. Onward and upward. Thanks for the post. Love you. C

  2. Jada P. says:

    Oh, wow, Abby! I’m so glad that you are okay, and no one else was injured, either!

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